The roadmap lays out the planned features for Spooky. These are all subject to change based on community feedback and governance discussions.

😺 = Spooky Team is currently working on ⭐️ = Bonuses

Phase 1.0: Initial SpookySwap Launch

The goal of this phase is to launch with the minimum features to operate a DEX. During this phase, our team hopes to begin growing the SpookySwap community.

  • Swaps

  • Liquidity Supplying

  • Initial UX Design Implementation

Phase 1.5: BOO Emissions Genesis

This phase will happen roughly 1 week after launch:

  • LP Farms - Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to earn Farm Rewards

  • BOO single staking v1 - Staked BOO will earn BOO based on an IFO emission schedule. The IFO distribution will last 12 weeks.

  • Applied for audits using Fantom's grant

⭐️ Received guidance and grant from Fantom Foundation ⭐️ Inspired fan art in the NFT community with our original characters

Phase 2.0: Full Featured DEX

This phase is expected to take a few months to complete

  • Full analytics for monitoring TVL and volume

  • Full Audit by Certik

  • BOO single staking v2 - Staking BOO will earn 0.03% of all trading fees by using those fees to buyback BOO from the market and distributing the BOOs to stakers.

  • Snapshot set up to facilitate early spooky governance

  • Landing page

  • 😺General refinement from suggestions box

⭐️ Initiated first Spooky Art Contest ⭐️ Airdrop event with Alchemix ⭐️ Official WOOFY sponsored farm ⭐️ Partnership with Popsicle ⭐️ Vaults opened on Beefy and other protocols ⭐️ Enlisted on Coingecko, Zapper, CoinMarketCap, CoinStats, imToken, and Defi Llama etc. ⭐️ Minted official NFTs on ZOO

Future Features to be voted on after Phase 2.0:

  • User dashboard/portfolio

  • Deploying BOO to Ethereum (possibly more) to enable bridging through

  • Full expert trading platform with trading charts and order history built in and less restrictive warnings of slippage and price impact

  • On-chain governance, full fledged DAO. The ultimate goal is to transfer ownership of the farm contract to the DAO contract

  • 😺Limit orders

  • Initial Coin Offering platform

  • NFT platform