Token and Supply Breakdown

All things spooky token

SpookySwap's token, BOO, is a governance token and in the future will collect a portion of protocol fees. BOO has a Total Max Supply of: 13,666,000

Chart of Supply Distribution

The non-striped colored slices of the chart represent initial supply that will be minted by the team and allocated accordingly. The stripped region represents the supply to be minted over 3 years through the Farms.

Note: All supply distributions are subject to change with community feedback and governance discussions

Initial Supply

The initial mint will be 20% of the Total Max Supply and will be broken down as follows:

Allocation Category

% of Max Supply

Number of Tokens

Community Airdrops



Locked Developer Funds



BOO Single Stake IFO






New Boo Bonus



Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

The Initial Dex Offering will use the allocated 2% of the Total Max Supply of BOO (273,320 BOO) and $50,000 worth of FTM, making the initial price of BOO $0.18. The LP tokens received by the development team for making the initial pool will be timelocked for 365 days.

BOO Single Stake Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

The Initial Farm Offering will use the allocated 4% of the Total Max Supply of BOO (546,640 BOO). This supply will be distributed to BOO stakers over the course of 12 weeks.

Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule for the developer funds is as follows, as a % of the resulting net 5%:

  • 10% Initial Allowance

  • 22.5% after 60 days

  • 22.5% after 120 days

  • 22.5% after 180 days

  • 22.5% after 240 days

  • Initial BOO-wFTM pool LP tokens - 360 days

Remaining Supply for Emissions

After the initial mint, the remaining supply will be minted over 3 years, following our Emissions Schedule.

The emissions will be distributed as follows:

Allocation Category

% of Max Supply Allocated

Number of Tokens After 3 Years

LP Farm Rewards



Developer Funds



Monthly Grants



Monthly Grants

Our team would like to help other projects on Fantom. The community will decide where the Monthly Grants are donated to. More details coming soon.